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Science+Art+Design Sustainable Nutrition: GMOs

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 2:00 pm to 3:40 pm

University Center, 618 63 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

Genetically Modified Organisms are those that have been intentionally and artificially altered at the DNA level to possess specific traits. Though domestic breeding took place over centuries to improve livestock and agriculture, in the 1970s, the technique of combining very specific DNA sequences from one species with another led to rapid genetic changes within one generation. Given the rapid uptake of this technology to address the needs of a growing population and a rapidly shifting climate, debates about the use of GMOs abound, with some advocating for bans (Link)  or labels (Link) and others seeing GMOs as a solution for the future.  Join us as we explore the use of GMOs to address malnutrition and food scarcity, test food products and plants from our local community for genetic modification, and explore these policies and practices.   

Please note: This is a three-session workshop. You must attend all dates to see results. 


Video PBS NewsHour: Sept 17, 2014.  GMO Debate Grows Over Golden Rice in the Philippines. Link (8:25 min) 

Video  News:  2013. Golden Rice Scandal. CCTV news.  Link(1:41 min)

*Feature Article: Paynter, B. Feb 2014. Bred to Perfection. Wired. 89-95. Link

News: Powell, C. and Maurer, A. 2015  How to Make a GMO. Science in the News (Harvard).  Link

Science Review: Ehrenberg, R. Feb 6, 2016. GMOs under scrutiny.  Science News. 22-27. Link

NY Times Video: Test Tube Tomato: June 24, 2013. RetroReport: Flavr Savr. The New York Times. (11 min) Link

Link to More Resources 

This event is sponsored by The Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and The Provost Office.

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