Public Engagement


Sunday, October 6

New Strength, New You
10:00 am

Former New School student Elena Brower offers an enriching 90-minute routine that will strengthen and stabilize your body, relax your mind, and open your...

In The Historical Present - Exhibition
12:00 pm

The inspiration for this exhibition is The New School’s Centennial. In the Historical Present looks back and takes stock of this institution’s legacy,...

In The Historical Present: Kellen Gallery Exhibit Tour
12:00 pm

Join curators Macushla Robinson and Anna Harsanyi for a tour of the exhibition and conversation about the artworks and archival materials. The inspiration...

Laurie Anderson—John Zorn Duo and John Zorn's Cobra
3:00 pm

In this 35th Anniversary Performance, John Zorn and Laurie Anderson celebrate the Centennial of The New School. In addition to a duo performance with Zorn on...

Moving Movements: Women in Philanthropy
4:00 pm

Philanthropy has rarely been as much in the public eye as today. The influence of private wealth in electoral politics and the rise of what has been termed...

New Narratives: Immigration and the Peopling of America
6:00 pm

Join us for a stimulating, evidence-based discussion around an ongoing national debate at Ellis Island, with a performance by Aasif Mandvi and conversation...

A Night of Philosophy
7:00 pm

A Night of Philosophy is a new thing. It suggests a brilliant future where nightlife and philosophy, everyday life and art, would merge. It is happening at...

Sunday, October 6